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PONY magazine is the only magazine written exclusively for pony-mad readers between the ages of six and sixteen. Packed with expert information on handling, caring for and riding ponies, it’s fun and interactive, providing readers with loads to do both on and off a horse or pony!

As well as the must-read information on riding and pony care, the magazine has a thriving interactive section written by the readers themselves. With real-life experiences, readers' views and opinions discussed on ponymag.com – and readers’ letters, pets and artwork, the extensive interactive section creates a unique equine community driven and controlled by readers themselves.

Duggie the pony, and his chums Colonel and Soloman, are real-life ponies that belong to PONY Magazine, and therefore all its readers. And let’s not forget the ever-popular PONY mascot, Charlie who has his own cartoon and members' club for readers.

Written by experienced and knowledgeable experts who are passionate about ponies and PONY Magazine, all advice and information is correct, accurate and safe, and is delivered in a fun and easily-digested format appreciated by its fans.

PONY Magazine uniquely caters for both the owner-rider, and riders whose only contact with ponies may be a weekly lesson at a riding school. Even readers who have little or no contact at all with ponies will feel a valued part of PONY Magazine.

Quizzes and puzzles, pull-out, pin-up posters and up-to-the-minute news complement the instructional and interactive pages, celebrity rider features and top tips. Not to mention the exciting competitions where readers can win horsey clothing or equipment from top equestrian brands, VIP days out at shows and events and the opportunity to meet celebrity riders.

PONY Magazine is a one-stop pony fest for anyone mad about ponies – it’s the magazine ponies want their owners to read!

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