About DJ Murphy

We love publishing magazines, and we believe that the passion we all have for what we do is reflected in our market-leading publications. Our highly skilled in-house team are always ready for the next project, creating award-winning content packages and striving to deliver the best quality magazines for our readers, licensing partners, advertisers and retailers.

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We’ve been publishing great, market-leading magazines for quite a while – since 1949 when PONY Magazine was launched! Journalist David Murphy (prompted by his pony-mad daughters) saw a gap in the market for a magazine that was dedicated to the younger rider. Since then, generations of readers have grown up with our children’s magazines and many graduated naturally to Horse&Rider as they have grown into adulthood.

In recent years we have widened our children’s portfolio, with magazines dedicated to some of the best known toy and TV brands. We have also been at the forefront of digital development with our pioneering websites, apps and online shop, and were crowned Independent Publisher of the Year in 2016 by the PPA, as well as receiving the prestigious award for Consumer Magazine of the Year for Horse&Rider.

DJ Murphy doesn’t only have the confidence of horse riders and the equestrian industry, we are trusted by toy manufacturers and TV production companies worldwide who enjoy hugely successful partnerships with our creative teams. We are easy to deal with and fortunate to have excellent editorial and support staff. The real proof, however, can be seen in our postbag and email inboxes, which are filled every day with letters and drawings from the thousands of children who reckon that our magazines, apps and websites are awesome!

DJ Murphy remains a privately owned business, which means we can focus on what we do without restraint. We are not distracted by the conflicting goals that the multi-nationals sometimes suffer, which means we can concentrate all our efforts on creating happy staff, happy business partners, and happy clients! We want our suppliers, customers and readers to enjoy working in partnership with us as much as we enjoy working with them.